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OM-X Enzyme & Collagen drink has a high reputation about moisturizing and supporting the rejuvenation of the skin. However, there are many users who keep drinking collagen drinks even though they seem to not quite understand the mechanisms about how collagen provides positive effects to the skin. Therefore, we will talk about why our collagen drink is effective to the skin in terms of contained low-molecular-weight fish collagen, especially tripeptide, as well as elastin which is also in our drink as a beauty component.

What is low-molecular-weight collagen? What is tripeptide?

Collagen is one type of protein that accounts for about 30% of human proteins. It is involved in the production of skin, bones, ligaments, nails and hair. A characteristic of collagen is its shape with three coiled chains. Each chain is composed of 1,000 amino acids such as glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. Furthermore, a coil helically links to another coil in order to increase its strength.

Among the amino acids which are involved in the formation of the collagen chains, “hydroxyproline” is unique to collagen and not in the other proteins. Because of the presence of hydroxyproline, collagen can establish a special connection between each chain which makes them difficult to be degraded by digestive enzymes. Even though collagens are digested, they do not break down into individual amino acids. They are degraded into a level of peptides which is composed of a band of several amino acids, and are absorbed in the body. A combination of 3 amino acids including hydroxyproline is called tripeptide.

Generally, low-molecular-weight collagen peptides are composed of a band of approximately 20 amino acids. The advantage of small molecular weight is the acceleration for the digestive enzymes to break down collagens into a smaller size that is easily absorbed by the body. Tripeptide which is composed of 3 amino acids has already a size that allows it to be easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, the absorption speed of tripeptides becomes faster than that of low- molecular-weight collagen peptides.

Why tripeptides are good for the skin?

There are cells called fibroblast that produce collagen and elastin which support the skin in a similar way as collagen does in the dermis of the skin. Once fibroblasts lose their functionality, the structures of the skin becomes vulnerable which in turn increase wrinkles and accelerate the aging process. Based on researches conducted so far, the collagen absorbed in the body with the form of tripeptide, which is composed of a band of 3 amino acids, may help to increase dermal fibroblasts. In other words, it is considered that, once ingested, collagen is broken down into small molecules such as tripeptides by digestive enzymes and absorbed into the body. It may act on the fibroblasts to enhance the production of their own collagen. Tripeptides, which are already small enough to enter the body, are absorbed from intestines much faster than low-molecular-weight collagen peptides. The quicker the absorption speed is, the faster the action to the fibroblasts is. As a result, users can feel positive effects to the skin quickly.

In addition, OM-X Enzyme & Collagen drink uses low-molecular-weight collagen derived from fish. Previous studies have already shown that fish-derived collagen is more absorbable than animal-derived collagen. Using fish-derived collagen is another reason for the high absorption of this collagen drink.