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Research & Safety Control

A high-quality and reliable product with thorough control over product safety

Nutrition analyses, LAB count tests, Residual pesticides tests, Heavy metals/toxicity tests, Radioactivity analysis

Every production lot of the final product is examined by third-party organizations. The product quality is evaluated by LAB count tests and nutrition analyses to inspect the amount of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids. Product safety is secured by residual pesticides tests and heavy metals/toxicity tests. We also conduct thorough checks of radioactivity at the moment of arrival of each raw ingredients. The radioactivity analyses are conducted for each production lot at the Japan Food Research Laboratories. After they confirmed that no radioactive substance was detected, they release their certification.

The high level of safety of OM-X was confirmed in a clinical study and published in an academic journal

In recent years, the needs for having a safety trial in humans have increased. Corresponding to such needs, we conducted a collaborative study with Harvard Medical School regarding the product safety in Healthy Volunteers. The high level of safety of OM-X was confirmed and the results are published in an academic journal. Our attitude of pursuing further product functionalities and safety receives a favorable reception.