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The one and only om-x deluxe 5

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Details on OM-X Manufacturing

Benefits of OM-X

OM-X is good against antibiotic resistant MRSA super bug, H. pylori bacteria and, E. Coli 0-157.

OM-X is good against oral aphthous ulcerations.

OM-X will improve your vigor.

OM-X probiotics helps with allergy diseases.

OM-X helps with automatic ataxia imbalance.

OM-X helps relief shoulder pains.

OM-X boosts your immunity and helps with eczema.

OM-X boosts mental alertness.

Patients on OM-X probiotics have less infection. Faster healing time and, better scar healing.

Helps Overcomes liver disorder.

Helps against obesity that most of the time caused by leaky gut.

Good for people with high blood pressure.

Good for people who has Asthma.

Good against Dengue.

Good against tiredness.

Good for hangover.

Good for low blood pressure.

Good for patients with Anaemia.

Good against Pyorrhoea (Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, Periodontitis)

Helps patient with diabetes.

Helps boosts mental alertness.

Helps people with joint pain.

Helps with constipation.

Helps with gout.

Helps with asthma.

Helps with Headaches.

Helps skin problems, including acne or eczema.

Helps with food poisoning and gastroenteritis.

OM-X Deluxe 5 helps your body heals itself in the long run, by boosting your immune system, make your gut very healthy, and keeps the number of good bacteria in your body high at all times.

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Protect Your Intestines From Food Allergies

Protect Your Intestines From Food Allergies

Protect your intestines from food allergies Our immune system protects our body from foreign enemies. It is a mechanism that usually fights viruses and pathogens. However, it can also hurt our body in response to something that should be harmless to the body. Among...

Probiotics for Asthma

Probiotics for Asthma

Could altering the gut microbiota modulate pulmonary immune response as well as prevent and/or treat asthma? After noting reductions in Lachnospira, Veillonella, Faecalibacterium, and Rothia abundances in the gut of asthmatic infants, researchers inoculated germ-free...

Organic Acids in OM-X Keeps your Intestines Healthy!

Organic Acids in OM-X Keeps your Intestines Healthy!

Ingestion of lactic acid and pyruvic acid enhances intestinal immunity It was reported in a scientific journal Nature in 2019 that organic acids such as lactic acid and pyruvic acid produced by gut microbiota can activate the intestinal immune response. There are many...

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