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Postbiotic Metabolites are the biochemical compounds created by beneficial bacteria to protect and restore our bodies.

They fall into many broad categories including these examples:

  • Bacteriocins (protective compounds that make life hard for the bad guys)
  • Enzymes (help to digest food, get rid of toxins and assist other metabolic processes)
  • Vitamins (like the B’s and vitamin K)
  • Amino acids (building blocks of protein)
  • Neurotransmitters (carry messages between the nerves and brain and can even affect appetite)
  • Immune-signaling compounds (they support the body’s immune cells)
  • Short-chain fatty acids (created from fiber, they keep the intestinal lining strong and healthy)
  • Nitric oxide (crucial for cardiovascular health)
  • Organic acids (such as Fulvic and Humic acid. They combine with minerals, making them easier to absorb and help maintain the correct pH in the GI tract)