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OM-X contain Postbiotic Metabolite-Fulvic Acid

“We have found the fact that a high concentration of fulvic acid is present in the OM-X extract during the detailed analysis on the fermented metabolites.” Announced by  Dr. Muneaki Takahata, Biobank Japan during 2017 OM-X World Conference.

General Functionality of Fulvic Acid:

Protection and Recovery of Intestinal Tight Junction
Promote the Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients
Improve Cognitive Function
Anti-Inflammatory Effect
Protection and Recovery of Skin

OM-X has various effects such as the anti-inflammatory effect, the antioxidant effect, the anti-allergic property and anti-fatigue effect through our in vivo experiments. These effects are very similar to the commonly known effects of Fulvic acid.