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The one and only om-x deluxe 5

Benefit your health with 92 ingredients in a capsule

The one and only om-x deluxe 5


What is OM-X?

“OM-X” is your assistance in building health. See for yourself what blessings from vegetables and the power of lactic acid bacteria can bring you.

Factory Tour

“How is OM-X produced?”, “What is the inside of our factory like?” We answer your questions.

Clinical Report

OM-X research performance worldwide through studies and conference presentations.

Benefits of OM-X

OM-X is good against antibiotic resistant MRSA super bug, H. pylori bacteria and, E. Coli 0-157.

OM-X is good against oral aphthous ulcerations.

OM-X will improve your vigor.

OM-X probiotics helps with allergy diseases.

OM-X helps with automatic ataxia imbalance.

OM-X helps relief shoulder pains.

OM-X boosts your immunity and helps with eczema.

OM-X boosts mental alertness.

Patients on OM-X probiotics have less infection. Faster healing time and, better scar healing.

Helps Overcomes liver disorder.

Helps against obesity that most of the time caused by leaky gut.

Good for people with high blood pressure.

Good for people who has Asthma.

Good against Dengue.

Good against tiredness.

Good for hangover.

Good for low blood pressure.

Good for patients with Anaemia.

Good against Pyorrhoea (Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, Periodontitis)

Helps patient with diabetes.

Helps boosts mental alertness.

Helps people with joint pain.

Helps with constipation.

Helps with gout.

Helps with asthma.

Helps with Headaches.

Helps skin problems, including acne or eczema.

Helps with food poisoning and gastroenteritis.

OM-X helps your body heals itself in the long run, by boosting your immune system, make your gut very healthy, and keeps the number of good bacteria in your body high at all times.

Our Stories

See The Difference in 10 Days

Why OM-X Enzyme & Collagen? Because of CTP! CTP is Collagen Tripeptide, in one tube: you have 500mg of this smaller molecular-weight collagen. CTP is a highly purified, non-antigenic, low-allergic collagen fraction. Improves dry skin, Speeds up wound and even bone...

Healthy gut is effective against ACNE!

Review your diet to balance your intestinal environment which will be effective against acne! Reviewing your daily diet is important for the improvement of acne symptoms because the contents of the diet relate to the secretion of sebum. Carbohydrates stimulate...

Antibiotics Affects your Brain!

The deterioration of gut microbiota from the use of antibiotics provides adverse effects to the brain Recent studies have revealed that the conditions of intestinal bacteria are associated with the functions in the brain. The patients with depression or autism have a...

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