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Elastin in OM-X Enzyme & Collagen

While collagen can be taken from our daily diet, the same cannot be said about elastin. To compensate for the reduced elastin, it is necessary to enhance its production at the fibroblasts. In recent years, various researches examining humans, animals and cells have suggested that an oral intake of elastin as a food supplement can enhance the production of elastin in the body. Once the ingested elastin is absorbed by the body, it acts on the fibroblasts in the skin to enhance the production of their own elastin.

Biobank’s collagen drink can supplement the collagen needed to strengthen the skin as well as elastin which provides elasticity to the skin. Furthermore, it has high absorbability because the contained collagen is low-molecular-weight. Therefore, you can find positive effects soon on your skin. It is an excellent product to support the skin rejuvenation.